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Stanford Primary Center

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Office Hours

    Main Office

    8:00-3:00 pm


    If you need help with your iPad. Please call the school and you will be routed to the correct Mr. Malagon.

    8:00 am - 2:00 pm. 


    The end of our school year is approaching  soon. We will continue to welcome any students who are ready to return to campus. Please contact the main office if you wish to enroll in hybrid in- person learning.

    We  are looking forward to sharing your child's spring projects on May 21st and sharing our classrooms virtually at Open House ,May 27th .

    For 2021, the District K-12 Open Enrollment on-time application period is open until  May 21, 2021. District K-12 Open Enrollment  forms are available in the schools main office.

    Every student returning to campus will need to have a Covid test . Los Angeles Unified provides free COVID tests for students and their families .Please use your Parent Portal account to log onto the DailyPass website :

     If you need help or have questions, please call our office at (323) 563-9208.  We look forward to welcoming even more of our students back to a safe learning environment!

    Ms. April Diedrich

    welcome to Stanford Primary center

    Stanford Primary Center has been established since 2004 and is proud to serve the South Gate community. From Pre-school to Kindergarten, we strive to create a nurturing environment for our early learners. With 11 classrooms, our focus is on the students and their families. We cultivate creativity throughout the year with our Visual Arts program, Theatre program, and Computer lab. Stanford Primary Center...The First Steps to Learning!

    front side-view

    -Coming Events:

    May 13 E.L.A.C. Meeting

    May 21 Spring Program 12;00 p.m.

    May  18  S.S.C.  Meeting

    May 27 Open House 3:00 -4:00  p.m. 

    May 31 Memmorial  Day -NO SCHOOL 


    Interim principal , Ms. Diedrich


    Principal, Ms. Nguyen          

    APEIS, Ms. Willis                     

    Coordinator, Mr. Torres      

    Comm. Rep, Ms. Espinoza   

    SAA, Mrs. Medina                  

    Office Tech: Ms. Evelyn       

    Kinder Teachers:

    Ms. Ruelas                              

    Ms. Lopez                                

    Ms. Soltero                             

    Ms. Cortez                              

    Ms. Fernandez                      

    TK Teacher:

    Ms. Esparza                           

    ETK Teachers:

    Ms. Bone                               

    Ms. Rios                                 

    Ms. Rodriguez (PCC)            

    PALS Teachers: 

    Ms. Robles                            

    Ms. Paez                               

    CSPP/PCC Teachers:

    Mr. Estrada                          

    Ms. Garcia