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Stanford Primary Center

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    125 Days of School
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    Office Hours

    Main Office

    8:00-3:00 pm


    If you need help with your iPad. Please call the school and you will be routed to the correct Mr. Malagon.

    8:00 am - 2:00 pm. 

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    Spring 2023 Acceleration Days

    Dear Stanford Primary Center Parents and Community,

    It is with great enthusiasm and pride that I introduce myself as the new principal of  Stanford Primary Center. I am very eager to begin working together and I am excited to support teachers, students, parents, and the community at large. I joined the LAUSD family many years ago, and I have grown professionally through the many experiences I have experienced. 

    I’ve had the pleasure of working in various demographic and socioeconomic areas and I hope to use the many lessons learned to build upon the culture of trust and collaboration with teachers, students, and the community that exists at Stanford PC. It is my deepest desire to support and strengthen the tradition of excellence that is established here at Stanford PC. Please know that I love to collaborate with all stakeholders and that I value communication and hard work.

    I am extremely passionate and motivated in providing an equitable education for all students, regardless of their learning differences, and know that together we will achieve great accomplishments and I cannot wait to work with all of you.

    In partnership, 

    Norma Monroy


    175 Days of School
    Monday 12/13 @9:00
    Ms Esparza / Ms Bone
    Monday 12/13 @9:30
    Ms Robles / Ms Paez
    Monday 12/13 @11:45
    Mr Estrada / Ms Garcia
    Tuesday 12/14 @ 9:00
    Ms Fernandez / Ms Cortez
    Tuesday 12/14 @ 9:30
    Ms Soltero / Ms Ruelas
    Applications Available
    Programa de Idioma Dual
    welcome to Stanford Primary center

    Stanford Primary Center has been established since 2004 and is proud to serve the South Gate community. From Pre-school to Kindergarten, we strive to create a nurturing environment for our early learners. With 11 classrooms, our focus is on the students and their families. We cultivate creativity throughout the year with our Visual Arts program, Theatre program, and Computer lab. Stanford Primary Center...The First Steps to Learning!

    front side-view



    Ms. Monroy                             

    APEIS, Ms. Karen Siercke-Noriega                     

    Assistant Principal, Ms. Elizabeth Irineo      

    Comm. Rep

    SAA, Mrs. Medina                  

    Office Tech: Ms. Evelyn       

    Kinder Teachers:

    Ms. Ruelas                              

    Ms. Soltero                             

    Ms. Cortez                              

    Ms. Esparza                           

    Ms. Corn

    TK Teacher:

    Ms. Fernandez                      

    ETK Teachers:

    Ms. Bone                               

    Ms. Rios                                 

    Ms. Rodriguez (PCC)            

    PALS Teachers: 

    Ms. Robles                            

    Ms. Paez                               

    Ms. Palomino                       

    CSPP/PCC Teachers:

    Ms. Garcia